Porn Addiction and Fear of Women

Some porn addicts live out their entire lives without developing any kind of a relationship with a real woman. They can't relate to women as friends, coworkers or partners.

Why does this happen?
Porn addiction can be viewed as the last stage of an intimacy disorder. The basic characteristic of this disorder is that one is simply afraid to get close to anyone. And this fear can approach the level of terror.

Porn addiction revolves around imaginary women or women who are paid for sexual favours because the transactional nature of the interactions creates an element of safety for the porn addict. He is safe, because he is in control. And he needs to be in control because of his need to protect himself against a possible emotional injury.

A real woman goes through emotional ups and downs. She can get upset. She may need emotional support. She may  have a lot going on in her own life and be temporarily unavailable to her partner.

A porn addict cannot tolerate these aspects of a real relationship. He has so much within him that needs healing that he cannot go with the emotional flow of a normal relationship. And when he cannot go with the flow, which happens to be most of the time, he is afraid.

This fear is reactive. The porn addict does not know what he is afraid of. He simply feels an extreme discomfort when he has to give emotionally.

This fear is persistent and the porn addict feels that the only way to deal with it is to plunge into pornographic relationships with women instead of real ones. A pornographic relationship can be interrupted when the porn addict is done for the day. No emotional giving is required.

Real relationships require people to get to know each other. A porn addict is convinced that this process is a waste of time. He is certain that he is getting all of his emotional needs met through pornography. The illusion of comfort created by porn is completely convincing to someone with porn addiction.

The longer a porn addict remains in the web of porn, the more difficult and unimaginable the process of a real relationship seems to him. The porn addict "knows" that real relationships are way more trouble than they are worth.

It can be said that a porn addict's relationship muscles become atrophied over time. And because of this, he becomes increasingly afraid of getting hurt by women. This fear is visceral. Whenever faced with women, a porn addict gets an overwhelming urge to get himself away from them.

The volume of fear grows. As it does, so does the necessity for being comforted. And the addict turns to porn for relief. This becomes a vicious circle. The more the addict runs the more porn he needs. The more porn he gets, the more he runs.

The end of this cycle is complete emotional exhaustion. In a state of psychological paralysis it is impossible to generate income, necessary to maintain the addiction. And it is then that the addict discovers the magnitude of what he has lost: himself.

Do not wait until porn addiction completely drains you. Help is available. Reach for it today.

Porn Addiction and Your Reluctant Brain

porn and addiction

Your going to learn shortly about “What your brain is actually doing to you when you look at Porn” and “How a porn addiction can seriously affect you, your family and your life.”
“The Dust Bunny Syndrome”
Everyone knows they are there, nobody pays much attention to them or goes out of their way to deal with them until they get in the way.

It’s the same with a porn addiction. It usually starts out simply as a curiosity or you may have accidentally come across it over the internet.

From the very first porn picture your brain is saying “Wow I like this and I want more.” You keep looking and looking and the excitement gets more intense (it accumulates).

Until, one day you want to clean house and you say to yourself “OK I’ve had enough. I’m going to stop. No problem. But you soon realize you can’t. Why? Because:
Looking at Porn “Radically” Alters Your Brains Chemistry
Looking at Porn Changes Your Attitude and
Your Behavior Towards Your Partner and Sex

Did you know . . .
Your Brain Can’t Tell the Difference Between Reality and Fantasy.
Your brain thinks that when you are looking at porn it is the same as having an intimate relationship with a real person.

When you look at porn your brain is bombarded . . .
with exciting nuro-chemicals like Dopamine, Serotonin and Norepinephrine. All of these are produced in your own body. Individually . . .

- makes you feel high. Triggers feelings excitement and a sexy mood. Your own Ecstasy.

– brings on calmness and releases stress. It is the natural drug you release immediately after climax. Can you remember that feeling, that calming affect? It’s your natural Prozac.

– gives you a natural shot of adrenaline. It is also responsible for the “searing or burning” of any stimulus into your brain including those exciting porn pictures or movies you could be looking at.

That’s why I can remember my first experience with porn back in 1957 so vividly. Those pictures were seared into my brain like a “Branding Iron.”

Your relationships could be masked . . . pwhen you look at porn. While your having sex, you could be fixated on the porn pictures or movies that have been burned into your brain and your NOT fixated on your partner?
“During intimacy you may be physically in the picture but your mind is in a fantasy world.”
Are your porn sexual urges and behaviors becoming a replacement or substitute for true intimacy with a real person? Like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde relationship.

“How would your partner feel, if he or she knew what was really going on in your brain during your intimate time together?”

When you look at Porn your brain doesn't care if . . .you lose your marriage, your job, your future or anything else!

Your brain has one narrow focus – the intense pursuit of instant pleasure and reward at the cost of everything else.

Can you now see how . . . A Porn Addiction “Radically” Alters Your Brains Chemistry and why . . .     Looking at Porn Changes Your Attitude and Your Behavior Towards Your Partner and Sex.

When you look at porn it doesn't take long for you to get hooked! It didn't take me long at the age of 10 to attain a porn addiction that lasted for over 50 years.

Did you know . . .
there are 5 year old’s who now have a porn addiction
My goal and my passion is to help and tell as many as I can about this “Epidemic” and what a Porn Addiction can do to anyone, even you.

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